Ross TenEyck (ross_teneyck) wrote,
Ross TenEyck

Unusual views of a Ross

So here are a couple of things that happened:

Yes, it's true: I have joined the Borg collective.

Actually, no: this is me all wired up for a sleep study; the most comical part of which -- other than what I look like there -- being that they expect you to sleep like that. Apparently the electrodes told them that I have this little habit where I stop breathing twenty-three times every hour that I'm asleep, which it turns out is considered "moderate" sleep apnea. So I get to join the collective of people who get to sleep with a Darth Vader mask, or at least I will as soon as they get around to issuing me one. I can't say I'm thrilled by that idea, but on the other hand the notion of not killing my brain with oxygen deprivation has a certain appeal to it.

In entirely unrelated news, my church encouraged people to come in costume today, and when our priest Fr. Pete saw me dressed like this:

...his comment was, "Ross, we told you to wear a costume."

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